MMMF Bloom

MMMF – Music In Bloom Concept

I was blessed to work on the identity for the McDowell Mountain Music Festival for 2009 and 2010. During that time there were ideas that were pitched, but not chosen. This was one of those ideas. I drew this entire logo by hand and loved the organic, hippie kind of flavor it had – it almost reminded me of some kind of organic snack. I remember as I was drawing this, I was listening to A Horse With No Name by a band called America, which was first published in 1971, so pretty close to the hippie era. I really liked the energy this had, and the playful desert landscape was cool. It was playful and to me, this is a festival logo that would’ve caught my attention. Funny, shortly after I came out with this, New Times Best of Phoenix came out with something kind of similar…I just think that style was gaining popularity at the time and it was such a departure from all of the clean lines you were seeing in a lot of stuff.

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